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welcome 2 the spectra

sa2 mega pinball sadx heroes sonic r

'you might look like me but i know you're just a fake....'



ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ

hai!! im miles & welcome 2 my website! https://nexus2spectra.neocities.org!

check out the blog to see me ramble.

check out the drawing & photos. tab to see all my recent drawings & pictures.

check out my shrines to watch me ramble some more.

check out the flipnote tab to see all my recent flipnotes that im very normal & neurotypical about, of course.

i promise...why would i lie to you about that??!! (lie) ^_^.

check out the dreams tab to see my latest dreams..or nightmares 😭

check out the "weekly wacky workbench" to see images/videos/things im interested in or just cool stuff.

and also you can check out the about me. to learn about me, all about me :]

hope you enjoy the website!!!!!!!! :3c


shout out oli 🔥 his website here ↓ https://starlightzone.neocities.org

im looking foward to adding more pages and stuff (like polls & updates & random stuff blahblah blah bah RAHH) it might take long because im like terrible at html

this website is a w.i.p, and i am adding new content and features all the time!!! please check back soon! (´・ω・`)>

im a walking fucking glorple shmop no im not gleeglobs with a fucking meep mooble shmop reptar moopin as im mooble meep mooble bop wearing synthetic wigs made of zleep glorps meep tops


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if u are on mobile... i am praying for u..