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welcome 2 my blog! (# ̄ω ̄)

this is where i write about anything like quite literally ANYTHING sometimes i lose my little tiny marbles and i have to buy new ones and i lose the new ones! oops.

my entries are rlly short (probably) sorta more of a microblog

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THIS WEBSITE HIT 10,000 VIEWS :3 (10,444 now)

thats crazy 2 me i only made it like 5 months ago
as a personal website version of my Evil evil carrd.... o3o

this is what it looked like in the beginning...... (fugly Warning!!!!!!)
i used the sadgrl layout thing (shout out 2 them gang 🙏🏽!!!!!!!!!!!) and i was messing with the graphics and stuff

this is my carrd, i named it "nebula2nexus" i wanted my neocities to be like a sequel to my carrd so i named it "nexus2spectra"


fun fact: my neocities is based off of veras bandcamp and her website i fw her heavy :P

but yah thx to everyone who signed my guestbook, left a comment in my chatbox, followed me, commented on my profile, OR EVEN JUST VISITED, mwah mwah all yall goated !!!!!! - miles

sunday, january 28th, 2024 — @ 9:37 PM


i hate css i hope the man who invented it gets his finger slammed thru the door

css is very important but its also VERY EVIL!!!!! its the textbook definement of VILLAIN

a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.

thatts EXACTLY what css is. curse you Cascading Style Sheets!!!!!!!!!!!

sunday, january 21th, 2024 — @ 5:39 PM


when i woke up like 3 hours ago i listened to the whole Around the Fur album by Deftones i already had listened to like 5 tracks from it but hearing it in full..? it was liek amazing........ my liked songs are expanding... IM AT 384 SONGS im finna b on top of the world..

OH AND SORTA RELATED..? before i woke up i left 39 music by mikito-p playing on loop for like 8 hours in my sleep and i woke up to it being my top track on my jaw dropped it had like 119 scrobbles i deleted like most of the scrobbles it hurt. i hate deleting scrobbles so much it hurts my soul its like harming a innocent little bee.

BACK TO DEFTONES, why was there a 37 minute long track at the end... they were good songs but what was the 10 minute silences for.. snyways im definitely buying the around the fur cd..!!!

my top 3 fav tracks were: My Own Summer (Shove It), Mascara, and Dai the Flu.

i give the album 8/10.. idk if thats crazy or nott
ok this was anthony fantano... signing out... - miles


saturday, january 20th, 2024 — @ 8:50 AM


ok!!!!! new blog layout !!!!! (sorta) get it miles!!!!!!!! ok ok so i wanted to clear all the entries cuz i was tired of looking at them with all the different pfps and stuff it slightly aggravated me for some reason idk BUT IF U WANNA SEE THE OLD VERSION OF THIS PAGE ITS here YEAH!!!!!! :3

i also changed the layout slightly and sum of the texts!!!! ooooeuuoejeheggeu ermm what else shukd i sahy.. im listening to millionaires - i like money rn its so peakb OH AND im currently adding sounds to the websitr as we speaak! and updating some about me stuffs lets go we are so up!! lmk if u fw the layout changes ok thxxxxx this song is so goooooood...

i have 5 dollars to my name i am so rich we are SO UP i totally won.... basically. i need to save up for stuffs liek invader zim merch, cds, and stickers!!! luv that stuff. - miles :3.

p.s: who up neo-ing they cities?? (i am!!) LOOK OVER HERE!!!!! AND LET ME SEE THAT BODY ROCK!!!!

(i love millionaires)

saturday, january 20th, 2024 — @ 8:20 AM